Incredible Doom #02 - Part 1

Wow! What a crazy couple weeks it's been! 

Thank you all for the amazing to the launch of the series. It went better than I'd ever dreamed! It got written up on Boing Boing,, and had some extremely nice things said about it on MetaFilter. The Patreon has more than quadrupled in size and people seem genuinely excited to see where things are going. I'm excited that I get to show you, starting right now!

The first installment of Issue #2 just went up for everyone to read. In this issue we step away from Allison and her dad to meet Richard, who is just starting at a new school. 

New pages of issue #02 will be posted every two weeks, or if you want to read ahead, you can read the whole issue now by becoming a member on Patreon. 

Thank you for being here, and if you think you know of anyone who might like this series please pass it along. I'm so excited for you to see where this is going!

Matthew Bogart

I am incredibly proud to announce the launch of my next major comic project. 

 Incredible Doom is an ongoing print and web comic series about '90s teens making life-threatening decisions over the early internet. It’s full of computers, dangerous stage magicians, young love, astronauts, and a desperate teenage need to connect with each other.  

All of issue one is available to read online now on It tells the story of Allison, her oppressive father, and the first computer she ever owned. Pages of subsequent issues featuring other characters will post every two weeks, culminating in a new issue being printed every two months.

Issue 1 cover with quarter and measurements.jpg

The printed issues are something to see. With offset press covers and rounded corners, they are designed to look great lined up on your shelf to be enjoyed over and over again. You can buy issues individually or  get them mailed to their door automatically if you are a member on Patreon. Members also get to read a full two months ahead of what's posted publicly. Which means members can read all of Issue 2 right now.

I'm so excited for the future of this. My collaborator Jesse Holden and I have lots of great plans. I hope you'll follow the stories as they progress and perhaps even support if possible. 

If now isn’t the time to become a member I understand. Make sure to subscribe to the mailing list I'll let you know the moment a new issue is available for everyone to read. 

Thank you for being here. 

Matthew Bogart