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Welcome to my home page. You are the Webpage Hit Counter showing the number 775th person to visit this corner of the interwebs.

“Hey, where are all the cool links, buddy?” You ask.

They are still here, but I should explain what this site’s become—first, a little history.Simple animation of a flickering computer screen

I first started posting here when I was thirteen. Practically no one was online then. So if you put up a home page and found some interesting links to share, you could get a good percentage of the web looking your way.

So I was sharing links and watching the hit counter going up. But then, after a particularly shitty day at school, I kinda... well, I burst.

Simple animation of an vigorous computer userI ran home and spewed out a post about the idiots at school and all the shitty stuff that happened with my dad and my asshole siblings.