A selection of my favorite membership-only posts. I add to this section regularly, so make sure to keep an eye on the main feed.

Drawing and Design

Drawing Process Deep Dive
A video about how I approach my drawing process, using a short comic as an example.
A detail that didn’t make it into Vol. 1.
A short video about my favorite reference that was in the original mini-comics of Incredible Doom but didn’t make the final book.
Vol. 2 cover design process
A one-off video just for patrons about the cover creation process for Incredible Doom. I think folks would be surprised by the twists and turns something like this takes.
How I use 3D models as sets in my comics.
A video walkthru of one of my favorite parts of the comic-making process: how I use SketchUp to design digital sets for my comic.
Time Lapse Videos
Various member-only time-lapse videos showing the drawing process of Incredible Doom.


The almost plot of Incredible Doom Issue # 1
I often think about the wild plot that we had initially planned for issue 1 of the original run of Incredible Doom. It involved so many things that never appeared in the final book, including murder, mayhem, and General Zod from Superman II. We created a special segment in our
We did our first Interviews for the new series.
We spoke with Jessamyn West and Josh Millard from MetaFilter about moderating web forums. They stressed the importance of valuing every member and fostering a constructive environment and shared fascinating cautionary tales about the early days of forums.

📼 How We Make Incredible Doom

Not strictly a members-only perk, but something that really is for superfans: we made an extremely detailed video series talking about every aspect of the creation of Incredible Doom.