The second page ever drawn of Incredible Doom had Allison driving to meet Samir. It was deleted.
An early version of the insert designed to go in the Incredible Doom mini-comic slipcase.

Harper Alley Cover Designs

An early sketch of the cover of the hardback version of Incredible Doom Vol. 1
An early version of the back cover of Incredible Doom Vol. 1. The left edge would have folded over to become the inside flap of the dust jacket.
An early ANSI art test when we were figuring out how to use ANSI art for the cover of Vol. 1

VR Comic

I did a 24-hour Game Jam where we did an early experiment with making VR comics. The extremely short story I wrote and drew over 24 hours used the title Incredible Doom but ended up having nothing to do with the series.