Incredible Doom is an intimate, harrowing comic about teenagers navigating the wild, dangerous days of the early internet by Matthew Bogart and Jesse Holden.

It started life as a webcomic and self-published mini-comic series in 2016. Producing six handcrafted mini-comics collected into a slipcased set, with a "Feelie" in the back of each issue.

Inspired by old "Infocom" games, "Feelies" are objects from the world of the story included in the back of each of the original run of mini-comics.

Harper Alley (a division of Harper Collins) then published a revised collection of those mini-comics, which became Incredible Doom Vol. 1, and commissioned a sequel which became Incredible Doom Vol. 2.

The books were released to much acclaim, including starred reviews in Booklist and the School Library Journal and being named one of the best books of 2022 by Vanity Fair.

A year later, missing the self-publishing life, Matt and Jesse decided to bring the series back to its original home and launched Incredible Doom: Eternal September, a print and web comic featuring new characters and focusing on a different era of the web.

With its roots in the indie web, Incredible Doom- Eternal September is entirely reader-supported. If you become a member today, you'll get full access to members-only posts on the website, over a hundred pages of exclusive Incredible Doom comics, behind-the-scenes posts, and more.

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