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From the beginning, there's been a cool feature of the the Incredible Doom Patreon that we've never gotten to see in action till now. When we launched I called it

"An Issue All Your Own"

Thanks to one generous patron, who really helped me put food on the table a while back, we get to see how it goes this weekend!

Here's the plan.

  • I'm going to draw a full original comic set in the world of Incredible Doom.
  • I'll livestream the creation of the comic from beginning to end. Script writing to finished pages this Saturday and Sunday. (Nov 10-11)
  • The whole thing will be completed in less than 48 hours. In this case, 22 pages worth of art!

On Tuesday the 13th the finished comic will be posted to all patrons for only 24 HOURS Then taken off the web forever.

The backer then gets the only copy of the finished issue professionally printed and mailed to them, to add to their set of issues, along with an original illustration of the Incredible Doom character of their choice.

I think it's a really cool reward, and a steal at only $100.

If you want to follow along here's my twitch. But make sure to keep your eye out on Tuesday to read the finished comic before it vanishes!

As always, thank you so much for being here. I couldn't do this project without your support.

  • Matt