I just sent out the first "Feelie Bundle" to patrons. For those unfamiliar, "Feelie Bundles" contain little objects from the world of the Incredible Doom. We borrowed the turn "feelies" from old Infocom computer games, which often included recreations of objects from the game in the box. A detective's notebook for a mystery game or a recruitment pamphlet for a space adventure.

When we first printed "Incredible Doom" as a series of mini-comics, we included "feelies" in the back each issue.

A "Feelie" from the first run of Incredible Doom

This time around, they're a special reward for Patreon supporters. This first bundle is particularly special for those who've read the exclusive Patreon pages of the comic (which will eventually be free on incredibledoom.com, but patrons get to read ahead). Here's what the bundle has in it:

  • A postcard with an original sketch.
  • My personal favorite: a miniature recreation of the Windows 95 box, complete with a miniature Post-it note labeled "devil."

Recreating the this box was such a fun a challenge. Despite its popularity, finding good enough images of the box from 1995 was tough, especially for the sides, top, and bottom. After extensive searching, I managed to recreate the top from scratch, complete with a drop shadow, barcodes, and fake registration numbers (fun fact: the barcode is the ISBN of my graphic novel "The Chairs' Hiatus"). I used the Russian box version as a base for the sides, replacing the text with English.

After experimenting with a few designs, I successfully crafted the first item from the world of "Incredible Doom: Eternal September." If you'd like your own version of whatever we come up with for the next bundle, check out the Patreon. You'll also get to read ahead and see where this software box fits into the story!