All right, I get to reveal something really cool today.

I built an interactive “creator commentary” page for the first issue of Eternal September. On it you can read a special version of Issue #1 which includes little buttons like this: 🔵 that you can click, which pop-up boxes with cool stuff relevant to that part of the comic. There are stories that inspired various scenes, time-lapse videos of the drawing of various pages, behind-the-scenes trivia, and more.

Making this kind of stuff is why it’s so exciting to host our work on our website. I love posting stuff to Patreon and social media, but getting to hack away at the code to build something really unique is so much fun.

It’s one of my favorite perks of the SysOp level. I can’t wait to do issue 2 once we’re done with it. 

I love making stuff for the open web!