Wow! What a crazy couple weeks it's been!

Thank you all for the amazing to the launch of the series. It went better than I'd ever dreamed! It got written up on Boing Boing,, and had some extremely nice things said about it on MetaFilter. The Patreon has more than quadrupled in size and people seem genuinely excited to see where things are going. I'm excited that I get to show you, starting right now!

The first installment of Issue #2 just went up for everyone to read. In this issue we step away from Allison and her dad to meet Richard, who is just starting at a new school.

Read the new update.

New pages of issue #02 will be posted every two weeks, or if you want to read ahead, you can read the whole issue now by becoming a member on Patreon.

Thank you for being here, and if you think you know of anyone who might like this series please pass it along. I'm so excited for you to see where this is going!