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Season 1 of Incredible Doom is now complete and the whole thing is online for free.

Featuring unlikely friendships, daring escapes, love, crime, and magic, all squeezed over 2400 baud modems. All six issues are available on this site, as well as meticulously produced print versions at (All back issues are 1/2 off for Patreon backers.)

We are so excited we made a video to celebrate, featuring some very nice things people said:

While we're getting ready for Season 2 we've got some other cool things planed for our Patreon supporters. First, we're making an exclusive slipcase for Season 1, with an interchangeable cover design.

The slipcase Patreon backers will receive shortly.
The slipcase Patreon backers will receive shortly.

Second, we're creating a special printed bonus issue, called Issue #0, that's filled with short Incredible Doom stories exclusive to Patreon.

After that, in a few months, we'll be back with the continued story of Allison, Samir, Richard, and Tina. So make sure get notified via RSS, email, twitter, or Instagram.

In order to spend more time working on the project I'm going down to part time at my day job, so if you enjoy the series please consider telling anyone you can, any way you can. This is a great point in the story for folks to catch up, and it would really help me a lot.

I'm so glad you're here. I love making these comics and I couldn't be doing it without your support.

Thank you.