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CONTENT WARNINGS (contains spoilers)

Unexpected Pregnancy & Miscarriage.

If that content warning makes you want to skip this one, I understand. I've been in that place with this subject myself. I'll warn you if it's in future updates.

BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE ABOVE COMIC: Thia confesses to Doug that she had a miscarriage from an unexpected pregnancy in college, and now everyone treats her like a pariah. Doug tells her that is unfair and that she hasn't done anything wrong. She's moved, and they hug.

This is a delicate subject. As someone who's been part of a couple that's had an unexpected pregnancy, I want to be extremely careful here. Jesse and I have had a lot of discussions about what is and isn't our place to portray as cis men. We hope the story we plan to tell and how we’ve chosen to tell it is thoughtful and appropriate, but we are very open to feedback. We can and do make mistakes.

If anyone has thoughts about our handling of this here, in the future, or anything else we cover, please get in touch. I can be reached at matt@matthewbogart.net.

Thanks, everyone.

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